Linthicum Angus Ranch

Spring Bull & Elite Registered Female Sale

Thursday • March 2, 2017 • 12:30pm
At the Ranch • Welch OK

Selling 180 Rugged, Breeding-age Bulls, all AI or ET progency
25 Elite Registered Females
70 Fall Bred Angus Heifers, all AI bred
4 year guarantee

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Linthicum Angus Ranch
443456 East 120 Rd, Welch, OK 74369
Ted Linthicum: 918.961.2004
Barn Office: 918.788.3570 or 918.788.3969

Welcome to Linthicum Angus Ranch 2016 Angus Production sale and Commercial female sale. We are thankful to all our valued customers who have supported our program and made our progress possible. It is a please to serve as your bull supplier. We take it very seriously. We stay focused providing the highest quality performance genetics, with fertility, and longevity in mind. We want our customers to be the most profitable in the business. To ensure we provide all information available, all registered cattle are selling parent verified and 5OK tested for genomics. We are providing you with genomics, enhanced EPDs on females and bulls selling. (This is equivalent to cattle siring up to 20 progeny). This information provides you extra confidence in the genetics and product you are purchasing. We believe this technology allows us to do a better job of improving our genetics and making both our operations more profitable.

The elite registered female offering consists of 35 females. The very best ever offered from our ranch and first females sold in over 10 years. Selling for the first time, 13 daughters and granddaughters and 18 sons of our famed powerhouse donor, TL SS OBJECTIVE T510-8100. These will be the first daughters sold at public auction along with daughters from Linthicum Rita 8100-4136, Basin Blackcap Lady 5U02, Summitcrest Blackcap 117W, Thomas Blackbird 7819, and Thomas Primrose 9049.

The bull offering consists of 100 Angus, coming 2-year-old bulls. These are the entire group of embryo and Al calves from our Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 calf crop. With none of the bulls being sold privately or held back, all of these bulls are Al sired from leading, proven sires in the Angus breed. The bulls selling are bred to add pay-weight to your calf crop, maternal, fertility and carcass strength to your cow herd. The bulls are developed on tame grasses and fed to ensure soundness, fertility, longevity with optimum performance. The game changer, we call it, for the first time this year we implemented a 4-year guarantee on breeding and soundness guarantee printed on page 16. This is a huge benefit for our buyers.

Once again, we welcome our friends and customers to our commercial female offering. The females selected for this sale have been palpated and grouped and shaped by like kind, age and pregnancy. They come from some of the most progressive cattlemen in Oklahoma. They have purchased bulls from us in the past. There will be a mixture of bred heifers and bred cows, mature females that are proven producers in the prime of their lives. Please refer to pages 47 and 48 for a breakdown.

Linthicum Angus Ranch program now continues 4 generations of family owned and operated cattle business. Thank you for the ongoing support of our loyal and valued customers, family and friends. We are continually committed to producing the very best seedstock possible and look forward to another year serving the cattle industry.

Ted Linthicum

Linthicum Angus Ranch “No Bull” 4 Year Guarantee

All bulls selling over $4,000 in the October 21, 2016 sale will be guaranteed against injury that renders them incapable of breeding, or to be a potential breeder except those specifically listed below. How much more could you pay for a bull knowing he would last 4 years? And how much better could you manage your budget and your genetics? Knowing the average longevity of bulls from most breeders, this could easily be worth 33% of the cost or more. As the industry leader, breeding and raising bulls capable of holding up, lasting longer and taking tougher conditions, it is fitting that Linthicum Angus Ranch is one of the first to raise the bar and offer a 4-year guarantee.

This guarantee only applies to original purchaser and shall not apply to any bull which has not been maintained by original purchaser at all times and for normal breeding practices and in normal breeding conditions. This guarantee only applies to bulls which are maintained at all times in accordance with rules and practices of good animal husbandry and management.

Claims shall be resolved as follows: Bulls purchase price up to $10,000 less salvage value shall be credited to the purchaser toward purchase of (1) bull at following Linthicum Angus Ranch Bull Sale. The credited purchases price decreases by 25% per year, after turn out to cows, or January 1st, whichever is earlier. All credits due must be used in first preceding Linthicum Angus Ranch Sale following injury, or will become void. Original purchaser must contact Linthicum Ranch within 7 days of discovery of injury and have a licensed veterinarian’s verification. Linthicum Angus Ranch retains the right to use an agent of their choice for all verifications. If any claims are denied by Linthicum Angus Ranch, purchaser must respond with written legal explanation describing why guarantee should apply, or lose any guarantee available on bulls.

Exceptions: injuries or loss caused by motor vehicles, equipment, or trains; injury or loss caused by Acts of Nature/God including but not limited to: lightening, tornadoes, blizzards, freezing cold, fires, drowning: injury or loss from disease, feed intake or poisoning, any human caused injury or loss, including but not limited to: nuclear, radioactive, contamination, war, invasion, acts of terrorism, gunfire/hunters; confiscation, quarantine, theft; malicious or willful injury to animal, injury or loss caused by carelessness, neglect; failure to maintain good animal husbandry and management; any injury or loss caused by predation.